I went to see a potential client (for my core consultancy work – Architecture) few days ago, turns out his requirement was urgent and he wanted the work done ‘yesterday’. 

As Kenya is slowly trying to come out of the pandemic, many of us are struggling to revive our businesses which took a hit last year and hence doing whatever it takes to get back up on our feet. So, I didn’t think much of the last minute ‘urgency’ shown by the potential client the very day we were meeting for the first time. 

However, as I began working on the proposals, I was reminded of this feeling of chaos which was normal before the pandemic when all I knew was everything a client wants is always urgent, it’s always meant to have happened ‘yesterday’. I was reminded of the times when I would feel like a failure if I hadn’t managed to fulfill their expectations of delivering urgently. 

However, today when I find myself in the same situation I can’t help but wonder why don’t people take action in good time, why do they wait to
recruit someone until a task becomes urgent. And suddenly I feel like I did
injustice to myself in the past by taking on other people’s failures and making them mine. Today I feel very comfortable telling someone that I am not a magician, I have no magic wand to make something happen yesterday. I am human, I will do my best and that’s all I will do! And the best part is that I feel unapologetic about this attitude. 

Hurray! Maybe, just maybe, slowly I am able to see a tangible definition of Self Love.

Self-Love means looking after yourself. It means not taking antacids for accomplishing a task. It means not giving into chaos. It means taking a pause and reflecting when someone/something is making you stressed & sick. I had read somewhere that saying YES to someone else shouldn’t mean saying NO to myself. Self-Love means saying YES to myself even if it means saying NO to others!

Where in your life are you saying NO to yourself?

Think about it, write back to me and have a good weekend! 

If you wish to read more on loving yourself

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Remember; you are unique & special because the creator chose to create you 🙂

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav



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