Reeta was a cleaner in one of the elite health clubs of Mumbai, India. Her job included cleaning the ladies changing rooms and toilets. After a tiring day at work, I would go there to work out in the evenings. Seeing Reeta there, always with a smile on her face (more like a laughter) and high spirits would light up all the women coming there complaining about their day. It is strange how we humans always find things to complain about. All these women were leading a much more abundant life than our Reeta but she seemed much happier than the rest of us who were pumping those weights to look like some model/actress in order to feel better (happy).

The discussions in the changing rooms would mostly revolve around that last kilogram of weight which wasn’t falling off. We were a bunch of privileged women and yet most of us wallowed in self-pity, mostly over non-issues. It was just another regular day for all of us and as usual Reeta was in high spirits spreading her joy around. Women walking in and out giving high fives to her continued with their business. After sometime, while I was changing, I sensed a quiet conversation between Reeta and another woman who was a regular there. It sounded a bit serious so I hopped into the scene trying to find out what was happening. The story that unfolded made my heart sink.

Few days ago, Reeta’s 5 year old daughter Minti was playing outdoors where her neighbor was boiling water in a huge container. As Minti ran around with other kids, she accidentally dashed into the container and all of the boiling water fell on her back such that it burnt her entire rear body. Reeta was in tears as she narrated the incident. Minti was rushed to the hospital immediately. The treatment of the burns was quite expensive and meant to be continued for a period of time. The doctor had also prescribed expensive food items out of which included a certain biscuit which cost a quarter of Reeta’s monthly earnings. And today Reeta was worried wondering how she would afford to continue the treatment because she had exhausted all her savings. She had tried to seek help from her employer but he had refused. While I empathized with her I couldn’t fathom her admirable strength which helped her continue being her radiant self despite suffering this tragedy in her heart and mind.

At that time I lived with my parents, I had just begun my career after completing my bachelors of Architecture. So, in a way I was quite protected and was invested in working hard to build a career. I didn’t really have to combat such life situations, hence I couldn’t quite understand how someone could stand strong in such testing times. So, I asked Reeta “How do you manage to come to work, remain calm and smile through such an ordeal?” She said “I don’t have the luxury to sit at home and mourn because I can’t afford a pay cut. Secondly, mourning doesn’t help me solve my problem so I try to smile because when I am in a happy and calm state of mind I get better ideas on how to fight my battle.” Her response agitated me and I blurted out “I can see that you have tried your best but you haven’t managed to solve the problem of urgency of cash at hand. What are you going to do now? Doesn’t that make you nervous?” She looked up to me with her smile and stated “I have faith in the higher power. He knows that I have done my best. And now it is his turn”.

I had always been a go-getter and hence very frustrated at this whole concept of faith instead of using my own strengths to fight a situation. So, not understanding her I decided that I will help her with some money because that’s what I was always taught by my parents. However, I didn’t have the capacity to solve her problem. So, I worried for her.

While we were talking we didn’t realize that many other women had gathered around us listening to Reeta’s ordeal. And then what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Without a word, one of the women laid out her handkerchief and out came pouring, the cash. Each one of them contributed whatever they could in pin drop silence. The total cash that lay there was much more than what Reeta needed. After everybody was done, the handkerchief was folded in a tight knot and handed over respectfully to Reeta with ‘get well soon’ wishes for her daughter. That moment Reeta cried but with joy and hugged each one of us. That day I learnt that we may have not even known each other personally but here was a big family and support system Reeta had unintentionally created purely based on her positive energy and radiant soul that she was. That day Reeta went home a satisfied woman who had trusted that God would solve her challenge at hand and so did he. Not only did she manage to buy medicines but also that biscuit for her daughter.

That day ended and another day came but I remember this incident to date because I learnt a valuable lesson that day. This incident happened 15 years ago, but I still remember Reeta and her beautiful smile. At some point I stopped going to the health club. After a few months I bumped into her in a market place and she hugged me in her usual style with the same smile, high spirit but this time she blessed me. Minti had healed and was accompanying her to the market. I was glad I got a chance to meet her. We exchanged pleasantries and parted. Reeta’s smile was infectious and she left me with one. That is how she lived her life.

She is an inspiration to me. And when I count my blessings I remember her sometimes because somewhere in my heart I feel that she has contributed to my blessings as she had blessed me with her whole heart that day.

Today, when I recall the incident I can confidently say that this story is a perfect example of the ‘Law of Attraction’. There are so many people around us who need financial support but they don’t seem to have it. They don’t witness miracles in their lives. So, what was different in Reeta that she found help when she needed it?

In her book ‘You can Heal Your Life’ Louise Hay states that it’s a ‘YES’ universe; it will always give you what you want. So, if you have the belief that you will receive then you will but if you doubt that then you will definitely not receive. I don’t know if Reeta knew about the Law of Attraction but she definitely practiced its rules. She trusted the higher power/the Universe. And the outcome was there for everybody to witness.

Recently, I watched the documentary “The Secret” on Netflix. It said that there is no need to understand how the Law of Attraction works. All that is important to know is that it indeed works. This has stuck to me and I want it to stick to all of you. Inculcate your belief in the Universe/higher power/higher energy, not on the surface but from the bottom of your heart. Believe in it and it will happen!

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