I quit Facebook in 2019 after having spent almost a decade on the social platform. Back then the reason to quit was that I found myself scrolling through Facebook on my phone in a compulsive & absent minded way. Also, somehow I felt the connections weren’t real. 

It seemed more like a platform where people were screaming “Look at me!” I was consuming all that instead of doing something more constructive with my time and didn’t feel good about that. So, I felt proud to be wise & quit!

Cut to 2021, I have been told by my website developer to come back to social media if I wish to reach a wider audience for my blogs. The thought of coming back to Facebook feels like such a chore to me especially because I write to feed my soul and with the intent of benefitting my readers. And coming back to Facebook feels like me screaming “Look at me!” At this moment I am reminded of the great philosopher J.Krishnamurti who said that human beings want to be ‘known’ and that is so childish. All the more reason to not come back to social media.

But when I see the other side of the coin, it also means at least I will give myself a chance to be of service to a few others who’d be interested in reading my content. With this change of perspective, I feel compelled to accept the new way of life – the digital life. 

Turns out ACCEPTANCE is key to remain fresh & flowing like a river otherwise we will become like stagnant water that breeds fungus & mosquitoes. So, I will slowly but surely come back to social media but this time with a purpose! Wow, Love that! Just a change of perspective changed my emotion 🙂 isn’t that awesome?

Where are you stuck and unable to Accept & Adapt? 

Try changing your perspective and see how you feel. – For those who wish to read more on the topic of Acceptance.

With that I wish you all a great weekend!

Remember; you are unique & special because the creator chose to create you 🙂

Lots of Love,

Rashhmi Yadav



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