I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I am an Architect turned Happiness Coach and Writer. I help women design their high quality fulfilled (happy) lives and train children to develop a mindset of success and satisfaction. I create educational products to enhance the human experience. I am a member of the Positive Psychology Association of Kenya. I have also enjoyed being the keynote speaker on International Women’s Day twice for one of the corporates here. Inspiring & empowering women and children, to discover their true selves, fulfils me. In addition to being a voracious reader I am a psychology enthusiast who loves studying human behaviour.

My Background

I was brought up in the economic capital of India, Mumbai. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Mumbai, worked with one of the top firms of the city for five years, and then pursued my Master’s degree in Construction Management from Texas A&M University, College Station, USA. I practiced in the field of construction for thirteen years in Kenya before becoming a coach. As much as I feel accomplished today, these are results of extreme labor and perseverance. There are no easy ways to success, only hard work and determination can get you to that stage in life.

My Vision: To see a fulfilled, kind and compassionate world.


This website is my way of giving back to the society in terms of knowledge that I have gained with my own experiences. I truly believe that if we manage to heal ourselves emotionally then we can be limitless in achieving our full potential & leading fulfilling lives. I have grown tremendously because I sought coaching as well as therapy whenever I felt stuck. These modalities helped me take back my power by gaining perspective over my circumstances, healing and giving me direction on the way forward. In short, these modalities helped me rise above myself every time I sought them. So, if you feel stuck in your current circumstances and wish to design a fulfilling life for yourself then click here.