• "Don't Give Up Expectation;

    Introduce Acceptance In Your System of Beliefs."

Hi, I am Rashmi Yadav.

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''Life Is Easier To Bear When You Have Conviction And Faith."


''The Issue Here Is We Live In A World Full Of People With Very Low Awareness Of Themselves, As A Result They Inflict Pain Upon Others."

''Never Mind If You Made A Wrong Decision, Don't Suffer Your Decision.”

''We Humans Were Made Only To Love And That's Why When We Encounter Hatred Or Discomfort We Become UnHappy."


Hi, I am Rashmi Yadav. I have been sharing introspectional tips for optimizing your life.

I started my blog in 2019 after I felt stuck. My career wasn’t giving me the kind of fulfillment that my soul was seeking. I wanted to make an impact and have more freedom in doing so. This website is basically a summary of everything I’ve learned. And as I learn new things along the way, I keep sharing them here.

One thing my readers often ask me is where I get my insights from. I’m an avid reader and I read every single day because good non-fiction books are one of the best sources of knowledge. If you want to learn from a great mind, simply read their books or books that are written about them. But books are not my only source of inspiration and wisdom; my greatest teacher is my own life experiences. I’m always curious about learning new skills and ideas. And you can learn from everything and everyone as long as you keep an open mind. Learning is what keeps my Musings alive. I consider myself a work in progress, hence, as long as I’m learning, I’ll keep sharing.

I hope you enjoy being in this space. You are most welcome to become a part of my journey and leave your thoughts over here so we can grow together to make this world a better place.

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This is my heart space where I express myself through sharing about the books I read or my life experiences. Welcome to my world.


I wish to reach everyone possible with all the information that has helped me enhance my life. That was my inspiration to design these products for you.

Stories of Hope

The planet is begging to change into a positive and inspirational space to help us function better as opposed to the negative Atmosphere that has been deliberately created.


To see a fulfilled, kind and compassionate world.


To empower individuals to lead fulfilled lives by creating awareness around the science of happiness and offering products and services that enhance their lives.

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I wish to reach everyone possible with all the information that has helped me enhance my life. That was my inspiration to design these products for you.


Character Development

Empowering the youth through education. You are all invited to a character development event to better enrich your mind and soul.Date: 3rd November 2023. |

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In Pursuit of The Rare

”It was a nice sunny day but rather rushed when we met these two clients and after some introductions, we got into the business of the day. We had not discussed much when a heated discussion erupted. The client insisting on one item and one of our team insisting on the exact opposite as per previous knowledge, the truth. As with such many encounters, it’s been a search and push not only for truth but also happiness, fairness, growth and justice for all. In my personal opinion, that is her, Rashmi Yadav.”

By Architect S.K. Ambrose

(Nairobi, Kenya)

”Rashmi has always been passionate about empowering women to become the best version of themselves.  She has done this through creating a women’s group called the Dressing Room that provides emotional, social, mental and physical support to women.  She holds the meetings once a month and she educates the women on various topics touching on their lives such as, ‘how to practice self-love,’ etc.  She has also been the International Women’s Day keynote speaker for corporations such as Jumia Kenya.  Rashmi is an enthusiastic, ambitious, loving and caring person and I am honored to call her my friend”

By HR & Marketing, Maureen Mngola

(Nairobi, Kenya)

“Over 23 years I have watched Rashmi grow into a self-aware, authentic and courageous woman who is unafraid to stand for what’s right and ethical. In a world that’s growing incredibly chaotic we need more women like her who have the skills and passion to empower others to lead life as best versions of themselves without allowing negative life experiences to embitter them. Glad to have her friendship and support in my life.”

By Architect & Artist, Soma Mandal Datta

( Perth, Australia )

“I was stressed due to some of my limiting patterns when I decided to begin coaching with Rashmi. She identified the root cause of my issues and created a huge shift in me, as a result today I am able to lead a happier and fulfilling life. She is a charismatic and amazing coach who helped me heal.”

BY CS, Aarti Panigrahi

(Mysore, Karnataka)

Rashmi was my mentor in the Young Women’s Social Entrepreneur’s Big-Little Program in Nairobi in 2019. She helped me overcome my self-esteem issues by providing me with tools and tips that made me feel more myself than I ever had before. She also gave me wonderful insight into using my femininity as a strength to propel me forward rather than hiding those parts of me. Two years on, I still use the resources she gave me. She is a wonderful mentor and I cherish the time we had together.

By Master’s student Shreya Chakrabarti

(Nairobi, Kenya)

Rashmi identified the root cause of my problems and suggested ways which transformed my life in a way that enabled me to look for solutions to my problems instead of getting consumed by them. She is an empath which helped a great deal during our sessions. I have become optimistic, pragmatic, and confident and learnt to practice self-love. I am excited as I begin a new journey into a fulfilling and satisfying life.

- By MBA Piyush Yadav

(Mumbai, India)

When we waste our thoughts, we waste our time. And in the process waste our life.

When I met Rashmi, I was in a dark place in my life. Rashmi helped me find my true self, guided me through to self-love and also supported and encouraged me to pursue my goals and dreams.

She is a beautiful bold woman who communicates a clear vision and makes work fun when coaching. She is determined, ambitious, passionate, persistent and decisive about what she does. What more can I say. I appreciate her support and I am doing great for myself today. Thank you Rashmi.

- By Meha Goricha

(Nairobi, Kenya)



Never Judge a book by its cover

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