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More than a year ago, I wrote a post called ‘Money can buy Happiness’ here is a link if you haven’t read it yet https://rashmiyadav.co.ke/money-can-buy-happiness/

It is a fact that majority of the world population’s life decisions revolve around money. It is also true that most people tend to think that it is never enough. Apparently that’s the worst form of poverty mentality anybody can have according to Louise Hay. I knew this but I realized that unintentionally I feel the same about money. I keep thinking of the inflation and imagining an insecure future if I fail to keep on my toes. Kinneri has to keep reminding me of living in the present moment. What would I do without her! Most people who know me personally would be shocked to read that I have to heal my relationship with money. Yes, indeed; that’s what I am working on right now. The fact is that even I wasn’t aware that I had a money wound; hence my obsession with making money. This definitely requires healing because obsession with another human being or an energy like money is unhealthy. We need healthy relationships to thrive in life.

If you read my musings you know that I have been mentioning how the world is re-booting during & due to the pandemic; obviously I haven’t been untouched by it. I am very much part of the re-booting and have decided to follow my heart in terms of the work I want to do. And therefore, I have been working hard with my coach to find my way. Turns out the biggest obstacle in my way is the fear of not being able to make the kind of money I was used to before the pandemic, in fact there is a chance that I may not make any money at all if I continue following my heart. Gosh! What a disaster! I get goose bumps when I think of the ‘no money’ scenario. The funniest part is that ever since the pandemic hit we literally have no work on the Architectural consultancy front, yet my life remains unaffected by this. So, how can it be that I am still sweating about doing work that may or may not bring income? Clearly, there is a problem somewhere. I practice gratitude every single day and am happy but I get paralyzed imagining a new work direction. My coach told me to keep meditating, praying and asking for direction from the universe/higher power, call it whatever you like.

So, first I bumped into a podcast called ‘The Wealthy Mindset’ on Spotify; took a few gems from it. Then, one day I found a treasure on one of my whatsapp groups in the form of information about the books to read for transforming our relationship with money. Oh yes, the universe indeed has my back! Ken Honda’s ‘Happy Money’ and Wahei Takeda’s ‘Maro Up’. These are rich folks so I thought it is worth listening to their advice. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity and began digging into all available materials of Ken Honda on the internet because I couldn’t get his book in the few book stores that are around. I am telling you, for the people who are hungry to learn and need free resources, the internet is a blessing.

Through Ken Honda I have learnt the following so far, please note that these are my interpretations:

To understand your relationship with money, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What does money mean to you?
  2. What is the emotional baggage you are carrying around money?
  3. Is money an obstacle to you?
  4. If money was a person, who would it be?
  5. How is your relationship with money? – To understand this, speak to money as if it were a person and see what comes up.

Some of his tips:

  1. Money is Energy – It is neither good nor bad, it is neutral. It really depends on who is holding it and channeling it in which direction.
  2. Money does not grow only with IQ, money needs EQ.
  3. We all have a money story from our past generations which we acquire while growing up and as a result we become personalities who are either obsessed with money, indifferent to money or afraid of money. Which one are you?
  4. Everybody is born with their money container, you can call this karma or destiny whatever you like but to begin with learn to be grateful for what you have and the universe will pick up on your energy.
  5. Please appreciate the billionaires of the world who have brought change in the world, do not be jealous of them or criticize them for holding the wealth. They did something worthwhile to earn their money and their products have added value to our lives.
  6. The dreaded ‘no money’ situation is the starting point of financial independence so he basically congratulates people when they file bankruptcy.
  7. Heal the generational block and negative beliefs around money – Yes, generations pass on money wounds in the genes due to the wounded history especially of countries which were made slaves by stripping them of their wealth overnight by intruders. It is literally something you inherit. So, you could be the key to healing your bloodline.
  8. Stop comparing with others, you do not need much to be happy. Understand the concept of ‘enough money’.
  9. Get rid of the belief that if we follow our heart or interest we will not make money. This is a wrong belief. The money that results from the kind of work that makes you happy is ‘Happy Money.’
  10. And most important, his mentor Wahei Takeda known as the Warren Buffet of Japan says the one & only mantra to wealth is: Say ‘Thank You’ when money comes in and ‘Thank You’ when it goes out in the form of paying bills etc. Thank You is known as ‘Arigato’ in Japanese which means much more than a plain thank you, it basically means that you feel so deeply grateful for a blessing that you are thanking someone/something, in this case you are thanking the money.
  11. Being content with what we have is a belief system which many of his multi-millionaire friends lack. Can you imagine even millionaires owning private jets being insecure of their future? So, get rid of the scarcity/lack mentality today and see what happens.

I feel really blessed to come across a positive leader like Ken Honda. He reinforces the fact that being positive & hopeful is the way to go. I was so delighted to hear his opinion of the future, the very future most of us dread because of the negativity spread around us by media and other sources. He explains very convincingly that the way technology is growing & people are caring of the environment, in another 20 years life will change in such a way that the fear & anxiety around money will be a thing of the past. I cannot wait to see that day because the thought itself makes me rejoice. I am seeing a world free of material bondage where money won’t control love, human equations and consciousness will take over.

While everybody is sweating due to the crumbling world economy, we forget there are societies in this same world who once upon a time refused to become part of the evolved world and chose to operate with their own designated currency & barter systems. They were called backward by the modern society but it makes me wonder if they are indeed forward and knew the secret of living happy living. When we evolve we must be very mindful of the direction in which we are evolving.

Ken Honda recommends a few other books to read, one of which is ‘The Soul of Money’ by Lynne Twist. I have downloaded the audiobook from YouTube and intend to dig into it. But, to get a feel of what the author is about I watched her talk which touched me to the core, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6sCOXBbFRY

Finally, I found an affirmation: “The Money I need flows to me whenever I need it”.

The way I feel about money is slowly shifting and I am optimistic that I will get to that place where I will happily pursue the direction that lights up my heart & soul. I pray that your heart finds that place too.

Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

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