money can buy happiness

Few years ago I found myself in a weird state; state of professional success, but the money which used to give me the feeling of a ‘high’ was fading away. Now, making money was a routine and my attention was drawing to the void inside me; if I was to give a name to the feeling, it was ‘unhappiness’. And it felt weird because I had everything, a loving husband, an amazing son, a flourishing work and social life. Then I came across the most popular theory “Money Cannot buy Happiness” and started believing it.

So, I introspected and realized that ‘giving’ made me happy so I was doing my bit of charity, mentoring & motivating youngsters; all in an attempt to feed my soul. I was labeled as an inspiration by many who knew me. And yet as all this became routine, the feeling of emptiness would creep in occasionally. I had understood that trying to fill this void with my external success, tags & relationships wasn’t leading me anywhere.

So, I started reading books on happiness. One expert author said if your ‘inner’ world is destitute you will always feel poor in the ‘external’ world and hence in a constant state of unhappiness. So, I set out on my journey to discover & enrich my inner world. It was now going to be a task to achieve balance of the mind, body and spirit. God knows that jargon meant nothing to me when I began my journey.

In my quest, I landed at the wellness industry. There were series of coaches I worked with – Life coach, Health coach, Therapist etc. I began feeling good because I started unveiling & working on some of my deeper personality issues, as well as learnt some concepts that would help me enrich my inner world. There came a stage where I thought I was well equipped and I stopped seeing these experts. But then again you know how life is ☺️ I found myself amidst another challenge and this time those concepts weren’t working for me. So, I decided to go beyond the wellness industry.

I was and am an ardent follower of Sadhguru so I decided I will go the spiritual way and I completed the Inner Engineering course with Isha foundation. After that, I found myself in a state of bliss and back then concluded that this is the ultimate solution to my problems. All I need to do is the kriya and I will be home.

Little did I know that the regular practice of the kriya opened up another dimension of my personality and I felt so free that I began listening to some of my inner voices which I had suppressed for years. The new challenge was to listen and continue working on myself. While I kept doing the work autonomously, there came a point where I found myself thrown back to the wellness industry in order to now go deeper into my subconscious mind.

Today, I can tell you that this journey to improve my quality of life is a work in progress but my present is so much better than what it was few years ago. The emptiness is slowly fading away & I’m able to find my own happiness on most days. I perform better at all the roles that I’m playing in this life; definitely an upgraded version of myself.

Through my journey I have learnt that the concept ‘Money Cannot buy you Happiness’ is a trap. Many a times I hear that if money could buy you happiness then the rich would be happy, it is almost as if labeling money as evil. The matter of the fact is that we have missed the point. Happiness has nothing to do with your economic status, it is an emotional state of well-being. The lower economic strata isn’t happy due to the lack of money. Lack of money brings misery and stress because that is the only form of energy exchange in today’s modern world. So, I want to tell you today that a sound financial health is the starting point to reach an emotional state of well-being. I managed to work with the best and find my way because I had the money.

Happiness comes in different forms during the span of our lives. Materialism is also one such form. Unless you attain the materialistic happiness you will find it hard to progress to the higher levels of happiness. Of course, there has to be a balance in how much money is enough (that is a topic for another day) because making money shouldn’t be the purpose of life, it is good as long as it serves you to achieve the purpose of your life. Money must be treated as a means to get to an end.

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that money cannot buy you happiness. I know for a matter of fact that it can and it will, you just need to know how to navigate the money in the right direction. There is enough in the world for every person to be rich and wealthy. You deserve to live well and in style.

The successful people have their Dream Teams who facilitate their success. How are you going to get your ‘Dream Team’ without the money?

So, go ahead & make all the money you ‘need’ in this life and after you are done, make some more!

Signing off with Lots of Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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