I have just returned from a 5 week long break in India. It was a blessing to meet my parents and siblings after 2 long years of this ongoing pandemic. 

There is something magical about being amidst a loving & caring family that helps you forget all your worries aka to-do lists 🙂 so my heart says ‘ARIGATO’!

I travelled through various cities of different states and noted the inflation that I hadn’t experienced before; definitely caused by the pandemic. Travelling has therefore become expensive and cumbersome. Day to day living expenses have shot up and nobody seems to be answerable for it. While we cannot change the situation, we can definitely choose how to relate to the situation.

How you choose to welcome the New Year is up to you. Is it going to be with hope of a better future or with the illusion that a new year brings better things or with the courage that you will carve out your own path amidst challenges?

The fact is that time will keep moving at the same pace; it doesn’t matter whether the calendar changes or not, the new year is just a change of date like a new month or a new day and it will present the opportunity to you to bring change in your circumstances. It is up to you to either make use of it or let it pass. Remember there are no results without effort.

With that thought, I wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! May this year instil enough courage in all of us to stand strong and continue fighting for our dreams to come true.

I will be spending New Year’s Eve meditating, it is natural to reflect on the past year but my effort will be to remain in the present because that is one of my biggest challenges at the moment.

Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

Free Image credit – https://pixabay.com/

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