The Universal Corona Story – Part 1

I told my friend Soma “I feel like I must quit and go live in the mountains” to which she responded “But the mosquitoes will bite you!” ha-ha, that was enough to drop my thought!  I love my comfort; I don’t think I will survive in the mountains either. Anyway, so I had no option but to figure out what this nagging feeling was about.

Last week I wrote about the Power of Journaling ( This morning I tried a different ritual. I closed my eyes, placed my hand on my heart and asked myself the relevant questions, asked out loud. And basically had a discussion with myself with words spoken loudly so I could hear them. Christine Arylo says that during introspection, silent conversations in the mind have a lesser impact in comparison to hearing our words or writing them. She says that words have vibration and the power to change our energy. And true that, my energy did shift. I felt a release and deep relaxation.

My finding was that I was unhappy because I wasn’t getting my ME time. Generally, I have at least an hour to myself as ME time every day. During that hour, I put my phone on silent mode and either read, write or watch something nourishing. It is basically the time to connect with myself. I hadn’t expected that 2 days of being so busy and not having my ME time would make me so cranky.

It seems that we underestimate the power of ME time. With time I have learnt that whenever we feel sad or depressed, it is mostly because we miss ourselves. And it is rather unfortunate that it took us going through so much suffering (in the form of a pandemic) to gain insights about ourselves. So many out there are writing their ‘Corona Story’.

The crux of every story is how and what they learnt about themselves and therefore in which direction they will take their life from here on. This is the universal story. Prior to the pandemic, all of us were just busy being busy running in the rat race; not many of us even aware of why we were doing it. It was just the norm, hence whoever didn’t take part was an outcast and nobody wanted to be an outcast. So, we all killed our inner selves and went out there huffing and puffing to prove that we were worthy of being rats and in the process popping pills to numb the voices of our souls crying for help.

THUD! Came covid-19 and forced us to pause, grieve and look within. And out came pouring all those stories.

We need to make this a ritual in our daily lives if we wish to lead high quality lives. Get your ME time, connect with yourself and decide what kind of a life you wish to create. And yes, it is a regular process of review & release, if not every day then do it at least once a week. Choose any activity you enjoy, something that nurtures you and get started!

Fortunately, there are some people who gained insight even before the pandemic and gave their life a different direction from the norm. My friend Soma is one of them and I am very proud of her for taking the brave step to fulfill her passion. We went to school together to pursue our Bachelors of Architecture in India. Currently, she lives in Perth, Australia; has a Doctorate in Architecture, was a lecturer at a top university but gave it all up to run an Art school with the purpose of mental health & wellness. This is her story which further emphasizes the importance of connecting with yourself

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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