The Power of Journaling

Since zillion years mankind has been striving to progress; as a result we are so technologically advanced today that even the current education system lags behind. The existing education system is based on memorizing information which is available at a click on the internet. So, basically the internet made the current education system obsolete. However, we as parents have no choice; for lack of a better alternative; but to continue conforming our kids to this obsolete education system.

As a parent I worry about my child’s future because I have no idea how the world will look like after another 10 years, especially after this pandemic. The pandemic has changed us in ways that we can comprehend but more so in ways that will only be visible over a period of time.

I remember I had stopped worrying about a lot of things after seeing Kinneri (my therapist). Somehow, I found myself worrying again since the past month about the future, about things over which I have no control. A sense of insecurity was creeping in. So, I spoke to Kinneri and she said “Worry is the interest paid in advance for a debt you may never owe!” Quite startling, isn’t it?

And then instead of worrying, I began putting my thoughts on paper because she always says the key to resolving any issue is to be ‘aware’. So, I was journaling in an attempt to understand why I was feeling this way. Turns out that the root cause of my worry was an unpleasant encounter with an authoritative figure two weeks ago. And my brain had stored it at the back of my mind by categorizing it as ‘normal’ in the work scenario. But, it had triggered the worrying & insecurity in me which needs to be released in order to enjoy my work more than now.

I learnt something new about ‘worry’. It is actually a positive thing because it helps us uncover our deepest fears and insecurities. This is where perception comes in. You either take it positively and look for a solution to release the worry or take it negatively and let it weigh you down. Worry is much like Anxiety. One of my life coaches had given me the positive definition of Anxiety – ‘Anxiety is a reminder from our subconscious mind to focus stubbornly on what we want!’ Can you imagine the result if someone actually put that definition to work and discovered themselves in the process? They would most likely be working towards leading their dream life and be happier than before.

We definitely need more happy people on the planet than more rich & famous people. Start journaling today to uncover yourself and your dreams & desires. The rest will follow!


  1. You can either begin journaling by addressing the diary as in ‘Dear Diary’ or address yourself for eg. ‘Dear John Doe’ or connect to the Divine/Universe by writing letters to the higher power.
  2. You may also write every morning immediately after you wake up with the intent of recording your dreams. See if a pattern emerges. If you are afraid that someone will read it then you can write and discard.
  3. Remember, your journal is your personal space so you have to be cautious that nobody reads it without your permission, especially your children.
  4. Please don’t let anybody bully you into reading it, not even your partner. You deserve to have your space and boundaries. You get to choose who is worthy of an inner glimpse of you; if at all. Remember you are trying to understand yourself by writing your thoughts.
  5. Your journal is sacred. So, buy a notebook or diary or loose papers to bind them in your style; whatever appeals to you. Choose your favourite colour and decorate it the way you like. Put your name on it, get creative with it. Own it!
  6. This is not an exercise just for fun, it is an important tool to identify & release your limitations in order to succeed in life.
  7. You will be surprised at what comes up!

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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  1. “Worry is the interest paid in advance for a debt you may never owe”- It was the perfect takeaway from this wonderful write up.
    Thanks for the wonderful tips..?

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