The Universal Corona Story – Part 2

So, this is a follow up to the Part 1 (; if you haven’t read it please do to make more sense out of this one.

This is a passage I read recently and was blown away by it. It is from a book called ‘Power Through Constructive Thinking,’ written by Emmet Fox, a scientist, philosopher and spiritual teacher from the early 1990s:

                       Your Heart’s Desire (by Emmet Fox)

Already in your past life from time to time, God has whispered into your heart just that very wonderful thing, whatever it is, that He is wishing you to be, and to do, and to have. And that wonderful thing is nothing less than what is called Your Heart’s Desire. Nothing less than that. The most secret, sacred wish that lies deep down at the bottom of your heart, the wonderful thing that you hardly dare to look at, or to think about-the thing that you would rather die than have anyone else know of, because it seems to be so far beyond anything that you are, or have at the present time, that you fear that you would be cruelly ridiculed if the mere thought of it were known – that is just the very thing that God is wishing you to do or to be for Him. And the birth of that marvelous wish in your soul-the dawning of that secret dream-was the Voice of God Himself telling you to arise and come up higher because He had need of you.

I am a mere mortal who dare not analyze the above. But I truly encourage you to listen to what it says. Read it again & again; in your mind & aloud; again & ….again! Write the thoughts that come to you when you read it.

It definitely spoke to me, so I am going to dare to follow my heart which isn’t easy given the judgments of people. But, Covid-19 has acted as an equalizer where people only care about survival in their heads irrespective of their economic/education or social status. There is a huge shift and hence an opportunity to change your reality and pursue your HEART’s DESIRE! 

Would you use this opportunity to take action towards happiness or just let it pass? The choice is yours.

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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