The beauty of the ORDINARY

The first two days of this week were draining as I kept dragging my feet to complete a few ‘work related’ chores carried over from last week. So, by the time I woke up on Wednesday I just dropped everything and switched off from work to regain the energy & motivation to keep going. I spent that morning just chatting with a few friends whom I have known since 25 years or so. We also caught up on zoom last week after a long break and it felt so good. I am so grateful for having those soulful relationships in my life; friendships where I can reach out anytime and the bond feels the same despite long intervals that life creates.

Cut to Wednesday; then I watched a Hindi movie which I had already watched at least 15 times if not more. I have some all time favourites which when watched refresh me and bring me joy irrespective of the plot of the movie, it’s actually more to do with triggering my senses & feeling nostalgic about the enriching experiences of the past.

That did me good and I managed to get back to work yesterday. Accomplished a few tasks but again felt the brain fog & felt demotivated. That’s when I came across an article which validated my feelings; science says it is the isolation, uncertainty & crisis during this pandemic that has caused us to feel like this. OK, fine I got that! At least, now I knew the cause of my somewhat lethargic spirit. But, I didn’t have a solution. So, I just paused and spent the evening relaxing hoping tomorrow will be better and also thinking of how I can beat this mood because there are some deadlines that must be met.

Do you remember the post of my morning ritual? ( When I woke up this morning, I was in no mood to follow that ritual so I just did what brings me joy. I put on my favourite songs and danced to them. Not only that, I also put on karaoke music on YouTube and sang away. My son woke up wondering what all this noise is early in the morning but when he saw me having fun he joined me. Something magical happened while I was having fun, I actually figured out how I would complete one of the tasks which was bothering me for the past few days. Haha…bye bye brain fog and procrastination!

So, now I am all pepped up to complete my pending tasks today and be on my way to liberation for the weekend 🙂

I did not need an inspirational talk or a session with a coach etc. to come out of the muck that I felt like this week, all I needed was to do the things that brought me joy, the ordinary day to day things which are easily accessible to all of us. The solutions are all within us, we just need to know how to unlock them!

I am going to grab a cup of tea with my favourite biscuits 🙂 (all the nutritionists can keep screaming at how unhealthy that is) …hehe!

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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  1. I think the lack of motivation and wanting to procrastinate is a long term side effect of the pandemic and WFH. Another one not switching off, and associating the definition of fun with restaurants, going out and all the social activities we used to do. Oddly enough, dancing to Alexa in the kitchen is one of my fave fun activities that gets me that boost that I need. Great Posts. Glad to know I am not alone at procrastination

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