The fragile nature of life

This morning, I got a call from a dear friend that one of her close friends had suddenly passed away. They would talk at least twice every day and when she woke up today morning she was shocked to receive this sad news!

The grief caused by the loss of a loved one is so deep & personal that even the one suffering from it cannot explain in words.

The thought that crossed my mind was how fragile life is and how important our breath is. Strangely, we take our breath for granted and never worry about where the next one will come from. Maybe after all we do trust life.

Yet, we carry so much burden. Is it worth carrying so much burden during our short stint in this world? Why don’t we then trust that all will be well?

I have started seeing so much blessing in a parent being able to raise his/her child until he/she is an adult. There is so much we take for granted. Life is giving gifts every moment but we refuse to acknowledge and keep wallowing in self-pity.

Why do we need such harsh reminders to begin appreciating the present moment & the various gifts that life showers us with?

And to those who are grieving at the moment, please cherish the good moments that you spent with your loved one, you will recover because suffering does not crush the human spirit and most importantly remember that you will be together again in the afterlife.

Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

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