Sometimes life throws such curve balls that you have no option but to catch them. The only choice you have is whether to go through it joyfully or miserably. The choice is easy but what can you do to make the ride bearable? I thought of some practical tools that work for me:

1.     Exercise – It changes the energy of the body literally transforming the mental state.

2.     Journaling- To be aware of why and how the situation is affecting you – this will help you make better decisions.

3.     Acknowledge and accept what is not working.

4.     Keep the critics at bay – Do not pay heed to judgments, in fact don’t even bother responding to criticism because only you know what you’re going through in your mind & body, own your state and don’t let others into your space because you are already in a vulnerable state. I read somewhere if you feed the beast it only gets hungrier so no need to respond to people who don’t understand your situation.

5.     Try and stay in your vortex as Abraham Hicks says – according to her if you are not getting what you want it means you are concentrating on the absence of the same. Manifestation requires you to stay in your happy space even when you feel like shit – Quite a task.

6. Do your affirmations and do not forget that you are part of the infinite possibilities of the universe. Here is a link to Louise Hay’s And finally,

7.     Keep making the effort in the direction of your goal.


Sometimes your dreams come crashing down in a ruthless moment that it takes time to recover from the shock. But, we forget that dreams are only our imagination and it is just our mind playing games with us. As a result one day we are on a high and another day we are down under. However, the problem is that our bodies aren’t able to tell a real threat vs. an imaginary threat, so our fight or flight reactions to both scenarios are the same which damages the body. Acute stress is good but being in a dark headspace repeatedly causes chronic stress which damages the immune system. So, we owe it to ourselves to do whatever we can to stay out of the dark headspace. And just like one of those past situations where we thought we would never recover from but did eventually, this too shall pass!

 Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

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