The beauty of life is that it constantly throws opportunities your way, which, if capitalized without self-awareness, can change the course of your life in the direction that leads to discontentment of your true self.

Your free will comes into play the moment the opportunity knocks at your door. Therefore, it is very important that you choose from the place of your true self instead of your ego because that is where your true power lies. When you formulate your life as an expression of your true self then you lead a content life feeling powerful.

I often find myself getting attracted to the path of material pleasures rather than the path of evolution. And my reasoning is that we are born human and therefore must experience the material world and fulfill desires. But, there is only one problem I encounter every time I walk that path and that is exhaustion, emptiness and a strange powerlessness.

In his book ‘Self Power’ Deepak Chopra says that despite life’s ups and downs, the project of evolving isn’t complex. All you need to ask is one question: If I choose X, will it add to my evolution or take away from it?

I didn’t like the answer to that question because it wasn’t exciting or glamorous but it gave me clarity and set me free.

The choice is yours, would you choose bondage or liberation?

But the bigger question is – Are you happy where you are?

If you answered ‘No’ then you need to ask yourselves – Do you wish to evolve?

To me, evolution means going onto a journey of personal growth that will lead you to your true self. And this applies to every area of your life including career & relationships.


Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

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