by Cheryl Richardson

I am reading Cheryl Richardson’s book ‘Take Time for Your Life’; it’s just amazing how a good book can nourish your soul. And so I decided to share an excerpt from the book which I loved and will definitely benefit anybody who practices it.

On page 163, she talks about Taking Action to fuel your mind, ‘The most powerful fuel of all is the thoughts that you think.’ Below is a practical tool to bring about personal transformation (copy of the narration by Cheryl in the book):

MAKE A WISH LIST – One of the first tools I tried was to put a few simple goals in writing and refer to them regularly to keep the thoughts alive in my mind. Always the skeptic, I wanted to see if this really worked, so I started with a simple wish list, which included a computer with the exact specifications and software that I preferred (I read that it was important to be as specific as possible when setting goals), free travel, and the elimination of my debt. I made a list in October and put it in front of my appointment book, knowing that I would see it several times each day.

Two months later, I received a Christmas gift from a client. Instead of a monetary bonus, he said he wanted to give me something “a writer could really use.” When I opened the box, my chin fell as I sat speechless looking at the exact computer I had put on my list. One month later, a friend called to tell me about a contest she had won at work. The prize was an all-expense-paid trip for two to one of the finest hotels in the United States, and she wondered if I might like to go along. Again I was shocked. Committing my thoughts to paper and holding the intention by reviewing them every day created a state of attraction that drew these goals into my life. Coincidence or not, this was all the proof I needed to start taking more seriously the power of intentionally fueling my mind with certain thoughts. Needless to say, I began a new list.

Try it for yourself. Stop a moment and think about three things you would most like to attract. Now write them here:




Be specific. If you want to make more money, write down the exact amount and include a “+” sign after it (you never know, you may get more). If you’d like a new apartment, describe your ideal place.

Now write these three items on a 3”x5” index card and keep them with you. Glance at your wish list throughout the day and imagine yourself already having these things. Don’t be too attached to the results, just be mindful of them. If you have any concerns about limiting yourself by being too specific or if you’re afraid that there may be something better for you that you haven’t thought of, simply say a little prayer asking that “this or better come into my life.”

Pay attention to what happens. My clients are often amazed by the results. One client, Robert, made a list that included a better-paying job and a great relationship. Eight months later, while vacationing with friends in the Caribbean, he met a woman who, coincidentally, lived two hours from his home in a nearby state. Over the next year, they fell in love, they bought a home in her neighborhood, and he started a new job with a higher salary.

One of my coaches had asked me to do an exercise like the above in a different form about two years ago. I had forgotten about those intentions that I put out in the universe until this year when I am beginning to see signs of opportunities coming my way to realize those intentions. Now, it’s up to me if I wish to follow those opportunities or take a different route.

Make your list and see where it takes you!

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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