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After immersing myself in learning about the human psyche through Gabor Mate and Ekaa foundation over the past few months; last night I found myself going back to a book that I had read in 2019, just before the pandemic hit -“Waking up in Winter” by Cheryl Richardson.

They say we must read the same books over and again because in different seasons of life they provide different messages and meaning to us. And true it is, because as I woke up this morning and read the Introduction, I found a new inspiration. This book is actually an account of her journal where she shares intimate details of her life. Cheryl says that after writing six bestselling books she felt like she had nothing more to say, so she decided to use her life as an example for her loyal followers. She says that her inspiration came from all the journal diaries she read by May Sarton.

What I love about life is that we always come across something inspiring but the key is to look for it constantly. There is something in particular from her book that I want to quote:

This book is an honest account of what happened when I started listening to my life. At some point, we’re all invited to take the hero’s journey – to leave familiar territory, face our demons, travel through the darkness, and find our way to a better life, one more aligned with who we’ve become. I invite you to take this journey with me. Whether you’re questioning your own mortality, dealing with a life crisis, hungry to feel more alive, or just plain tired of going through the motions because you know, deep in your heart, you’re meant for something more, it’s my hope that the challenges, lessons, and desires I explore here will strike a resonant chord within you. While the hero’s journey is a solitary adventure, it’s comforting to know we’re not alone.

Well, with that quote I am all set to take this journey again with Cheryl Richardson but this time at a different season of my life.

Enjoy your weekend!

Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

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