Pitter Patter Rain Drops

I love Friday mornings 🙂 I can’t emphasize enough how much it cheers me up.

But today is special and even more beautiful due to the pitter patter of rain drops.

My soul feels nourished.

Add a dash of my favourite music to it and the much sought after HEAVEN (ambience) is ready for me here on earth.

Why would I dream of going to heaven after dying if I can create it here itself as I am alive & kicking?

Suddenly my body sways automatically to the tune playing and I am aware that my heart is happy, my gut is pleased. Does it mean my subconscious mind is happy? (They say the body is the subconscious mind) OK, I need to tell my mind to switch off because I don’t want any learning here, all I want is to experience, to feel, to be happy…in solitude…all by myself!

Can you create this experience for yourself? Absolutely! Only you can do this for yourself, even if anybody else wants they wouldn’t be able to create this happiness for you that you feel from deep within….do it for yourself now …don’t wait for that degree, that cheque, that project, that romantic love, that house, that car, that retirement fund, that never ending to-do list….do it now, all you have is now…do it now y’all…!

What makes your body sway and your heart dance?

Is it picking up your child from school or playing a game with him?

Is it talking to your parents or friends?

Or just a cup of coffee at a roadside kiosk where you can enjoy the rain?

Or a long drive with your favourite music or singing your favourite song?

Look within for that child who is pure and free from this world’s desires and goals and ask yourself what do you need right now?

Strip yourself of all your labels of entrepreneur, millionaire, struggling aspirant, student, wanna be millionaire, employee, employer, whatever the burden; just shirk it off and create your child-like pure moment, connect to your breath, create your heaven right here right now…..ask yourself, what do you really need to celebrate the moment? 

My karaoke mike is out and I’m going to sing my heart out now, as bad as it sounds hahahaha, I’m doing it for myself not performing for an audience 🙂  

Do it yourself and for yourself people, stop performing for others!

Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

Free Image credit – https://pixabay.com/

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