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February, 2019 – It was a regular day for Jacky, a Mathematics teacher of high school in Eldoret, Kenya.

That evening as she went home after school, to her dismay she found numbness in her limbs for a moment. She just couldn’t move. However that lasted only for a few seconds and she felt fine immediately after. Thereafter she decided to get herself checked so she drove herself to the hospital. The doctors couldn’t diagnose anything but suspected diabetes or a mild stroke. She was recommended a number of tests, CT scans & MRIs; however since it was already late in the evening those tests couldn’t be carried out. So, she decided to drive back home. After reaching home she couldn’t step out of the car. This time her entire body was numb. Luckily her sister had accompanied her so she drove Jacky back to the hospital and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

After a lot of investigation and interference by friends and family it was established that she had suddenly become a patient of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). It is a condition which has no known cause and cure. It is a rare disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves and paralyzes the whole body.

As Jacky was narrating her story, what hit me was the realization of how unpredictable life is. One morning we wake up fine but there is no guarantee that by the end of the day we will continue living the ordinary life which we usually sulk about. We miss the point that the fundamental joy of life lies in being healthy and independent. The fact that you are able to walk around is precious and nothing…..absolutely nothing in this world can substitute for it.

The doctors began their best known treatment. However despite that, Jacky slipped into coma for a period of three months. She woke up in May 2019 and could hear the nurses’ whispers how come Jacky is still alive. As she woke up the doctors found that her lungs were 100% damaged so she has to be put on a life support system. Jacky could not speak a word for another two months. In a series of positive events, her lungs began improving in July and the doctors began discussing relieving her from the hospital but they recommended that after being on oxygen for such a long period her body would need some time to adjust to the natural oxygen so she was finally relieved from the hospital in September 2019 with an ICU bed, oxygen cylinder, a doctor & a nurse to go home with.

They began physiotherapy at home. Every day was a struggle and she was losing patience but somehow with the support of family & friends she carried on. It was only in January 2020 that she managed to get rid of the catheter and go to the washroom with help. She got rid of the oxygen cylinder along with the ICU bed and was transferred to the wheel chair. She had won half the battle!

So, she began reading all about GBS. She learnt that hydrotherapy helps so she went to Lake Bogoria spa for two (2) days. The water did magic to her knees and she finally began walking with a walking frame.

At this stage, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. She lost her father in April 2020; as a result her health went downhill for three (3) months. It is evident how much of a role a sound mental health and happy state of mind plays in the recovery from sickness. During covid-19 many experts are suggesting that we must make intentional effort to laugh and stay happy (ever heard of laughter clubs?), apparently that enhances our immune system.

She went back to Lake Bogoria in August 2020 and came back better and continued walking with the frame. Jacky said she was breaking down mentally and giving up hope of recovering when she came to know of another gentleman suffering with GBS; she saw him walking with a stick, this gave her tremendous hope to keep going on her journey. Check the role that community plays in giving hope and support. She continued exercising with the parallel bar until November 2020.

Thereafter, she began walking on her own with minimum balance. She was learning to walk like a baby who takes two (2) steps then falls but gets up on its own and tries to walk another two (2) steps. And just like babies don’t give up until they learn, she did not give up. As a result today she goes to the gym every day to do the strengthening exercises for her legs and knees. She is unable to hold anything very well as of now but she says she is patient because the hands heal after the legs. So, it will be fine soon.

Such illnesses not only test your physical & mental strength but bring you down financially and I had no idea how expensive the treatment was. So, my jaw dropped when she said the bills so far have come to Ksh 14 million (USD 140,000); I couldn’t help but ask how she managed given her humble background. Her response surprised me. Over here in Kenya I have only seen people complaining all the time about how the government does not work but in her case the NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) actually paid Ksh 6.2 million (USD 62,000); the county Governor, family, friends, work colleagues & other schools of the county; all came together to raise funds for her to pay the balance amount. The government has supported her even with her leave situation at work. Generally there is a limitation on leave as well as paid leave but Jacky was accorded so much co-operation by the school that she has been receiving her complete pay every month (since she fell sick) to date as she continues to be on leave. This is nothing short of a miracle. She calls it God’s favour and says that her faith has become even stronger after the incident.

As she was narrating I couldn’t really digest all this goodness that is unheard of generally. So, I began asking questions to understand what makes her special, it is evident that she is special and that the divine/creator loves her. Below is a very pleasant account of who she is as a human being.

Jacky is a disciplinarian and believes that children must be disciplined; not to create fear but to have a mindset of success. She believes that children shouldn’t be left to do whatever they want because they are the human capital and our future. Her core values are honesty and discipline. She believes in learning from everything.

Her passion is to educate the street kids because she believes that education liberates the mind. She also feeds the street kids every year on her birthday. She wants to get well and continue doing this work. She found two (2) street kids at one of her birthday ritual whom she sent to school and today they are in university.

Even as of now she continues paying school fee for six (6) street kids. When Jacky fell sick in the year 2019 and slipped into coma she had missed paying school fee for these six (6) kids. So, one fine day they were told to quit school and go home. They were all in different classes and did not know each other. But slowly as the 6 kids gathered at the school gate they realized that it was Jacky who was paying for all of them. So, they decided to go to the hospital to see Jacky. The hospital was usually overwhelmed with visitors for Jacky and that day was no different except that here were 6 children coming to her. As they sat near her they felt sad to see her asleep (in coma); so they closed their eyes and prayed to God to heal her quickly so they could go back to school. I wonder if it was their prayers which made the divine see Jacky and make sure things work out for her.

When Jacky woke up she was told by her sister about the kids, so Jacky told her sister to request the principal to take back the kids to school and promised to clear their dues as soon as she gets back home. The kids went back to school immediately.

Did Jacky keep her promise? Of course she did. The moment she got home with her ICU bed & oxygen cylinder she cleared all the school fees. Such sincerity is unheard of. Even when she was suffering she did not forget her commitment.  

It is evident that Jacky is special. Her core is abundance hence she attracts abundance.

It seems we don’t pay attention to the good stories, instead we give so much attention to the negative news from everywhere that our default setting has become negative leading to self-doubt as well as doubting our surroundings. ‘Energy flows where attention goes‘; so it is high time we begin looking for the positive news/stories intentionally.

Below are Jacky’s learnings from this long and tough journey:

  1. Patience indeed is a virtue. It isn’t easy but there is no other way.
  2. Many people aren’t authentic but we must forgive and move on.
  3. Sometimes your loved ones may walk away but if you are open to receive, then love & support still comes in unexpected ways.
  4. Never lose Hope, as long as we live there is nothing else but Hope.

Jacky is an inspiration and I am so grateful to her for sharing her story with me. To me she is the epitome of love and hope. I have decided that if I feel hopeless anytime in future, I will think of her to regain hope.

Her story also asserts that in the current pandemic where there is so much suffering we must not give up hope and still look forward to continue being on this life journey optimistically because guess what? There is no other way!

Well, after I spoke to Jacky and finished writing her story above, I just felt that I hadn’t heard enough from her and there was another burning question in me so I went back to her for another interview. Find an excerpt below:

Hey Jacky, so how are you today?

Jacky: I am fine Rashmi, I just came back from the Gym.

I have heard stories of people coming back from near death experiences. Some of them have something to share about the afterlife. I am really curious to know if you saw something while you were in coma. And if you experienced something that pushed you to come back to this life instead of passing on to the next realm.

Jacky: Yes, it happened to me! When I was asleep I found myself in a place near home. When I looked around I found it to be a cemetery. There also stood Yusuf, a friend of my boyfriend. I asked him where he was headed to, he said he was going to the Jamia mosque. He had a Pick-up truck. There were some other people with him with whom I exchanged greetings. I thought it would be a good idea for me to hop along since my home was near the mosque. All those people wore white and I could identify their facial features but they looked like I couldn’t touch them, they looked like shining and hazy figures.

So, were these the good people? Were they alive or dead?

Jacky: I don’t know. I heard them discussing how they could see the humans around who couldn’t see them and didn’t know that even they had their own vehicles. They didn’t try to harm me like the other people. When I tried to go to the Pick-up they refused to take me. They said you can’t come with us. But I still wanted to go with them, however I felt my feet frozen and I just couldn’t move to get onto the vehicle. And they drove away. I wanted to run after them but I couldn’t. Thereafter, I found myself at home wondering where Yusuf is.

What do you mean, were there some other people who tried to harm you?

Jacky: Yes. I was in another field and there was a crowd of people who looked like normal human beings of all gender and colour dressed in colourful attires. But they were vicious. They were hurting each other with different kinds of weapons like Razors, Blades, Axe etc. One person sprung towards me with an axe and I remember being paralyzed with fear at that moment and praying to God to save me from this near death dreadful moment; immediately after I felt myself gasping for breath and waking up in my hospital bed. When I woke up I heard nurses around me whispering wondering how come I was still alive.

So, was that what they refer to as ‘Hell?’

Jacky: I don’t know but it was a very cruel place. The people looked like us but they were horrible. I wonder sometimes if we are indeed in hell because we hear such stories of crime regularly in the news. And I also wonder if we could find Heaven here on Earth.

Yes Jacky, with people like you we could make our Heaven over here on Earth! So, how did you feel when you woke up; who was there?

Jacky: The day I woke up, my family was there at the hospital with my boyfriend. I remembered Yusuf when I saw my boyfriend so asked about his whereabouts. I was shocked to hear that on their way to the hospital he received the call informing him of the sudden sad demise of Yusuf.

Omg (Jaw dropped) so what you saw was real!! Yusuf was on his way to another realm?? What do you make of this entire experience?

Jacky: I did some soul searching to try and understand what all this meant and heard a voice speak to me ‘Organize for a big Thanksgiving dinner and tell everybody that God is Able’ so I am going to do exactly that in this year 2021 and I will invite you.

Thank you Jacky, I am grateful and truly blessed that you chose me to tell your story.


We have legends in the world whom people celebrate. Whereas that’s not a bad thing I think we need to start celebrating the fighters like Jacky who live amongst us. We must not let their stories pass without learning something. We must change the culture of FAME being associated with the celebration of an individual. The world of internet has the power to change that so let us all do our bit by spreading Jacky’s story and letting her know that we celebrate her. She is our SHERO!

P.S. There are many good Samaritans who still send her money as she continues to help herself to recovery.

If you wish to make a donation to help her in her treatment please send funds to the account below:

Cooperative Bank Eldoret

Uganda Road Branch

Account number – 01109598174900

Account name – Jackline Chelemek

Bank PayBill number 400200

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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  1. This is a powerful story that resonates with even the current times and gives a ray of hope to us all.
    Thanks Rashmi for highlighting the story of Jacky.

  2. Thanks for sharing
    There’s definitely life after death
    Strive to do good to people always even if it’s the last thing you do because we don’t know whether we are in hell or heaven
    Be someone’s heaven today

  3. What an inspiring story about an inspirational woman. Thanks for choosing to write about an extraordinary individual from someone real who lives among us mere mortals. Jacky’s story is certainly needed in the current time when many are experiencing tests of faith and questioning their beliefs and existence.

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