Take a chill pill

The day is ending for me but I did not manage to pen down my intended thoughts today. This is strange for me because I usually look forward to writing on Fridays. Actually being a bit unwell did play a role in killing the creative mood. However, being me I sat down to write today morning and wrote two (2) pages on a topic that I would term as a bit serious and heavy. But I didn’t really get into the flow of completing the article. Therefore, by afternoon I dropped the idea of releasing my newsletter today and decided to rest. I felt unhappy for not being able to complete what I set out to do but for once I am grateful that I listened to my body and gave it a rest. It is due to the break that 3.5 hours later I am feeling up to tapping the keyboard.

Today is a reminder for me to take it easy and not always focus on the serious stuff. Yes, we must definitely strive to express how we feel but only when we have the headspace and energy to do so. To me, writing is a cathartic process. I write about topics that are close to my heart along with trying to figure out why I feel that way and also focus on a solution. That requires a lot of me, so instead of fighting my low energy today and going against the tide, I accepted that I must take a backseat and sleep.

We do not need to challenge ourselves all the time, especially when we aren’t ready for it. Two years ago I was seeing a life coach, at that time my issue was that I couldn’t rest even if my life depended on it. There was an invisible force within me which never let me relax. My coach told me that in order to change my default setting I have to ‘force’ myself to rest. It was very hard to follow that advice but slowly with practice I am able to implement it on some of my hard days. Today is one such day. That advice really helped me become more productive because when I am calm and rested I find better solutions.

If you are a person who finds it hard to relax then you need to understand why you have that need within you. It may turn out that you worry about disappointing others or attach your work to your self-worth or any other reason. You have to introspect to find your reason. It may be as simple as being a responsible person but isn’t your primary responsibility towards your own wellbeing? Take a think.

Thank God for the good health of all my family members who recovered from covid-19 and all the essentials been taken care of so that I can afford to rest today without any worry. I am truly grateful for this day!

Much Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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