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It is my younger sister’s birthday today. I always have plenty to say but being her own person she never heeds to any advice. I think that’s a good trait to have because it kind of liberates her loved ones from hovering around her worrying about her best interests, thus giving them permission to look after themselves with undivided attention. 


I turned 41 years old last month and was asked about my take away from my life experience so far. Hence, I have been meaning to write this post for a while but wasn’t inspired enough, fortunately found inspiration today and I am so happy to share this.


Here it is.

1. Highly sensitive people have the ability to change the world but the world doesn’t care about change, so stop being ‘high’ on your social work ambitions if you are doing it for recognition or appreciation. Do it only for your personal, internal satisfaction. Life is teary and messy for some of us who are extremely sensitive. And sometimes we could mistake our pain to be our purpose and set out to change the world, whereas most of the times our experiences are an indication that we need to heal and work on ourselves to grow emotionally. Your pain is not your purpose. Unless you heal you will never see a clear & unbiased picture. Lack of neutrality & clarity on identifying and addressing the real problem leads to disasters. One example – Terrorist organizations’ recruits were born out of pain.

2. Life doesn’t necessarily have to have a purpose – Racism, terrorism, white supremacy are some of the resultant pressing issues that we can appreciate on a larger scale but dehumanization happens in our daily lives in subtle ways so it is high time people drop this whole chase of finding a purpose and begin living fully with awareness, ordinariness & joy. When in that state of being you may unknowingly create a ripple effect and bring change.

3. We need more women leaders – With money being the driver for survival, the energy of the globe has become dominantly masculine and the balance has been lost. This is actually much deeper and is difficult to explain in short, so I will try and explore this further in another musing, however here is a quick link for a basic understanding of the two energies. https://www.pausemeditation.org/single-post/balancing-feminine-masculine-energy, the series of natural & other disasters happening proves very well that the world needs more caring and nurturing. The definition of a leader is a bit misunderstood. We tend to think that people who drive crowds are leaders but that’s not true. Parents & Teachers        are the most prominent leaders who are responsible for raising mentally & physically healthy functional adults who form the very society we live in. So, women need to take over all such work forces that involve nurturing and raising individuals in order to form a safe society. It is one of these children who go on to become politicians and CEOs of fortune 500 companies. And how they deal with such intoxicating power depends on the impressions in their minds & hearts while growing up.

4.  Financial empowerment is a must. Become financially independent.

5. Good relationships are the ones which make your life easy instead of creating drama and draining you. 

So, boring is good.

6.  If you don’t let go, you will harbour disease.

7.  Life is not fair or ideal, accept the reality, it is what it is. However, your experience of life around you begins with your relationship with yourself, so work on that.

8. Do not follow a particular thought leader. Listen to many of them on your journey to finding your way. Meditate for the light bulb moments of self-discovery because all you need to do is follow your own unique self. Meditation and spirituality isn’t for old age, it needs to be part of your daily routine from a very young age in order to unlock your highest potential and possibility of leading a fulfilled life with high quality personal & professional experiences.

9. Fear of Conflict has to do with lack of self-acceptance and the black hole of perfectionism.

10. Make your own mistakes and face consequences. It will give you power. However, there is a difference between a mistake and a punishable offence/crime, kindly refrain from that if you do not want to land in prison.

11.  And finally, Cultivate Hope! This will make you resilient during your time on earth.



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