What makes life worth living?

What makes ‘my’ life worth living?

For me it is different things on different days.

Today, it is the beautiful rain that comes pouring in intervals leaving me asking for more. I feel like nature is asking me to wash away any thoughts until the previous moment and restart with a blank state. If only we could live like that every moment without the influence of the previous moment!

Sadhguru says we are suffering our memory; it is true because now we know that memory is not just the faculty of the brain but the body holds memory too. So, even if we try we cannot get rid of the memory. It is moulding us every moment. Louise Hay says our life is a sum of our thoughts which is also true but what do we do when we don’t feel enough and therefore go seeking love and validation from loved ones. But we don’t receive it because they are dealing with their own issues. So, as much as we know that we have to surround ourselves with loving relationships to make life meaningful, there is still something beyond that and in my experience it is connecting to our higher self which is beyond this fight of ‘feeling enough’.

The truth is we are all born ‘enough’ but we get lost in the world web which the history makers wove according to their beliefs for mankind to follow. The world as we know is so technologically advanced yet we do not know how to feel one with nature. We do not have the ability to comprehend the workings of this universe which works like a default system with the entities doing their jobs day in day out without being compelled to or to make a living. The sun rises and sets everyday, the rains come and go, the trees shed their leaves to bloom again and life goes on because of them. If one day they decide to step back from doing their part all of us so-called ‘advanced’ humans will perish. That’s the level of our advancement.

There are people preparing to colonize the moon and mars, I cannot express in words the great loss I feel when I see those people in power wasting their resources on such insignificant endeavours when we have 820 million people today on earth who sleep hungry. How come there is no intent to improve the current state of humanity? The so-called developed world has become that by stripping the developing world of their historical wealth and yet they find it suitable to be arrogant sitting on their high horse dictating and regulating behaviours of the rest of the world.

Today, I feel like the only thing worth saving is the environment – nature, rain and soil. The quality of deteriorating soil is only going to make food scarce in future and that time we will see how much of technology will save humanity. We are nothing but dust and will be washed away by nature someday soon if we do not get our act together.

According to the books, humans are God’s greatest creation but I do not see us doing anything great. We have caused a lot of destruction in the name of development. The only saving grace in all this I believe would be for us to go inward to help us understand ourselves and our role in the universe. I am still hopeful of our human potential.

Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

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