I have been trying to understand how the law of attraction works. It seems that the principle is we attract ‘who we are’ and ‘not what we want’ or think we deserve.

That is a concept that goes much deeper than the person we appear or think to be on the surface. So far, I do know that we humans have enough blockages within us to veil our true selves by virtue of our conditioning by our caregivers and the environment. Our true self is the individual unique soul that we are who chose to come into this world in human form in order to evolve spiritually by learning and fulfilling our pre-determined purpose.

If I was to give away the one lesson that I learnt the hard way, it is that we owe it to ourselves to design a life that will give us true happiness and fulfillment. Robert Schwartz, author of the book ‘Your Soul’s Plan’ was asked how do we know if we are on the path chosen by our soul, he simply answered that if you feel life is a chore then you have deviated from your soul’s path and if you are happy then you are on the right path. I couldn’t imagine it being that simple because in our culture we do not value simplicity and contentment. In fact contentment is often mistaken to be complacency and not respected.

But who gets to decide the definition of happiness? Who gets to label you as content or complacent? It has to be you because one of the determining factors of happiness is also ‘Autonomy’. You must take control of your internal environment otherwise you will forever be chasing some illusion more commonly known as ambition set by an external source because you have no idea what you truly want.

Happiness is an internal state and very much a choice which is so simple a concept that people resist it. Also, how dare we say that someone is choosing to be unhappy? Well at least the world situation does show that the majority are choosing to live in states that keep them miserable.

Whatever every individual projects creates a society and every society projects and creates the world. Therefore, if we wish to see a pleasant world then our inside must be pleasant individually. And so we owe it to ourselves to create our pleasant internal environment.

Coming back to the law of attraction, if you want to attract happiness then you have to purpose to be happy and it will work best for you when you unravel, accept and honour your true selves.

Much Love,

Rashmi Yadav

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