Going by the title you are probably thinking ‘Oh, another fanatic of Sadhguru!’

However, despite the title this is actually about my spiritual journey which began about 2 years ago. My quest for understanding myself with my life happening in the background was so intense that I have traveled a few paths which included counseling, life coaching, therapy and now finally ‘Inner Engineering’ by Sadhguru which I completed yesterday. And wow; what an amazing journey it has been! I must admit that nothing else touched my soul as much as the Inner Engineering program.

I have been following Sadhguru for more than a year now since I found his teachings to be logical and my intelligent mind has been able to decipher and concur with him. But I fell in love with him during the past 7 days of the program, not only because I got validation of some of the core values of my personality but also because I learnt that our life is way beyond the logical mind. This seemed to address so many questions that kept arising within me so far. We often tend to ignore our feelings & intuition over our logical mind whereas intuition is our inborn intelligence and knows much more than any book that we have ever read, any degree that we have ever received or any job experience that we have ever gained. And finally I feel like my journey towards spirituality has just begun.

When I think of myself as nobody, I don’t feel any performance pressure, neither do I feel disrespected, insulted etc which mostly our logical mind tries to show us in our day to day dealings with people at the work place and our personal relationships. Our social set up is such that we feel that when we win accolades, have many degrees to our name and hold high positions at work, we deserve to be worshipped by others and when this doesn’t happen we get rattled. What a shallow approach to life that is!

This universe is expansive and if we just become more conscious of our surroundings and open up to life, there is nothing to resent but only to love and admire. Every person walking around us is an entire story in itself, a whole life which we can never understand and yet we are so quick to judge people and make conclusions and distance ourselves from them. Today, try a new approach of only giving instead of expecting to receive and see how much joy you feel. We humans were made only to love and that’s why when we encounter hatred or discomfort we become so unhappy. The day we understand this simple concept I think we would live in a happier place.

Remember to take responsibility of your own life and find joy within, the day each one of us takes responsibility of spreading love, slowly but surely there will come a day when all that you will also receive will be Love! Enjoy this one life that we have been gifted, this suspense thriller with unexpected twists and turns, after all what’s the fun in watching life unfold the way you want it to be. Do you remember the last time somebody surprised you and you felt ‘alive’, that’s exactly how I intend to live every moment of my life starting today!

Signing off with Lots of Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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