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Express Gratitude with ‘Draw Your Gratitude’ Art Journal

Celebrate life’s blessings through creativity with our art journal. This unique journal combines drawing and writing to help you embrace gratitude.

Backed by research and authored by highly qualified experts in the fields of art and life coaching, this journal offers a content combination of art and positive psychology. You’ll discover a wide variety of engaging activities and exercises, carefully crafted to avoid repetition.

Whether you’re a child or a parent, ‘Draw Your Gratitude’ is designed for both generations to use.

Inside, you’ll find engaging activities to honor the people, experiences, and moments that bring joy. Whether it’s the beauty of nature, the warmth of love, or acts of kindness, this journal is your canvas for heartfelt expressions.

By documenting your moments of gratitude in art and words, you’ll create a personal masterpiece that captures thankfulness. This journal isn’t just a book; it’s a treasure trove of cherished memories.

Begin your journey of creativity and appreciation today with ‘Draw Your Gratitude.’

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  1. This book has encouraged me to write and express about my feelings of love and gratification. It helped me think and appreciate the small joys of life. The happiness we get in doing certain things and often forget about.
    Thank you Rashmi 😊

  2. Current manifestation fads, teach us if we just think, the right thoughts, say the right things, and hold the right intentions all of our desires will come true. And all of us know instinctively that saying something out loud makes it real – here Rashmi and Soma – teach us if you journal and doodle your gratitude, you will not only taste the feeling of your artistic skills in your life, you will realize we are creator’s of our life.

    Thank you Rashmi and Soma for a profound, well articulated and energetically infused start.

  3. “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance”. Rashmi, your book had made this quote true. When I was starting the book I Was doubtful that i will have anything to write everything day, but if u actually think you do have something to be greatgul for everyday. Starting with getting up from your warm cozy bed to a cup of hot coffee or tea are actually something to be greatgul for as well.

    Your book is worth every penny, hope will get the second volume soon. Thank you Rashmi for this amazing book.

  4. I recently had the pleasure of reading “Draw your Gratitude” by Yadav, R. & Datta, S., and I must say that it is a remarkable guide to developing and nurturing gratitude in our lives. This book stands out because it emphasizes the importance of actively practicing gratitude on a daily basis, rather than just acknowledging it. The author’s writing style is warm, inviting, and authentic, making the reader feel as though they are having a meaningful conversation with a wise friend. “Draw your Gratitude” offers practical methods and activities to incorporate into one’s everyday life in addition to teaching about the advantages of practicing gratitude. From simple gratitude journaling prompts to more profound reflection exercises, readers will find a wealth of practical tools to implement immediately. To sum up, “Draw your Gratitude” is a priceless resource for anyone looking to connect with gratitude on a deeper and more profound level. It is a thoughtful, beautifully written manual that encourages readers to develop gratitude as a way of life. “Draw your Gratitude” is not only a book that is highly recommended to read, but also an essential guide for anybody who wants to cultivate gratitude as a daily practice and further their personal development.

  5. “Draw your Gratitude” by Yadav, R. and Datta S is a call to a once forgotten way of living. The way of gratitude. With its immense depth, the inviting reads, the mind opening and calming journaling prompts, the book was an invitation to a feeling we all seem to often forget. Reading this reminded me to open my heart to the act of daily gratitude as well as continuing to remind me to continuously practice it.

    A Much thank you to the authors.

  6. I have been using the gratitude journal for some months now and it is a very practical tool to practice gratitude. It has enabled me to appreciate the blessings that I encounter on a daily basis. I’ve also learned a lot from the book such as the obstacles to gratitude which are negative traits that I never thought of, such as being a creature of habit or rather taking things for granted which is very easy to do. It’s a journal that I would definitely recommend to anyone to purchase. It will improve your life.

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