It is what it is

Life is Life; some days are easy, others are hard!

‘It is what it is and que sera sera!’ That’s my latest mantra to keep going on this journey. Take it all in my stride and keep going. My husband says anything that doesn’t kill you is not a big deal. So, rejoice in the fact that you are breathing, alive and kicking. Anything that seems hard today might be responsible for your success tomorrow, says Sandeep Maheshwari. So, as our Dory fish from the movie Finding Nemo says, ‘Just keep swimming’!

I have spent a long time exploring and unpacking the kind of work that will fulfill me, and learnt that it boils down to being in the business of improving lives. But I don’t see myself doing it one to one forever so I chose to write especially because I am learning that communication and connection are the best ways of improving lives.

The fact is, nobody can take away anybody’s pain. We have to go through what is ours. The best tangible assistance anybody can offer is helping someone meet basic necessities. But beyond that each one of us is on our own and we have to go through it all by ourselves. We have no choice. And in that case what really helps is telling our stories and connecting with each other. Telling the real stories, the ones of joy & sorrow, success & failure, and hope. People want to know the genuine stories, not the ones with only happy endings the way they show in the movies. Yes, even true stories have happy endings but they may be different than our expectations. These are the kinds of stories we need to read about.

When I took the ‘wholehearted inventory’ from Brene Brown’s website( my results showed some of the tanks were half full while others were 3/4th full and I wondered how much more I have to learn in this life. Then, I listened to her podcast ‘Unlocking Us’ (available on Spotify) where she explains the results of her inventory along with her sisters’ and I was shocked to know that even their tanks weren’t full, despite being the great researcher & therapists that they are they struggle with similar issues as you & I. And I learnt that’s what it means to be human, to err despite. That gave me a lot of courage to keep going. Knowing that our struggles are not too different from others’ gives us a lot of strength and I am so convinced that human connection indeed improves lives. All we need is our tribe and the journey of life becomes interesting.

I love being in the space of our women’s group ‘The Dressing Room.’ We chat, share, laugh every once in a month. Deep healing indeed happens through sharing in a safe space. Enjoy your moments and don’t forget to write your Gratitude list every day. Today, on my list will be the beautiful colorful flowers I paused to take a look at in my garden during my morning walk. They smiled at me and reminded me that every new day gives us the opportunity to make a new beginning!


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