‘Love’ is a very loosely used word. It is used so often and so casually that in many cases ends up being abused.

‘I love your hairstyle’ or ‘I love your smile’, just a flirtatious remark which signifies nothing serious but makes your day. We are so hungry for appreciation and compliments that we develop a soft corner for anybody who makes us feel good superficially in the moment. Even bestselling authors suggest complimenting people and showing genuine concern as an important tool to win over someone. If we don’t even know the reality of something as insignificant as a compliment then what exactly is the real meaning behind someone saying ‘I love you’. This term can be deciphered differently in different circumstances. There are many energy vampires out there who will rob you of your emotions and leave when they no longer need you. And you will be left reeling trying to figure out the reality of the ‘love’ somebody claimed to have for you.

Actions define love, not words. If you find yourself in a situation where one claims to love you I suggest have your antennas up and listen to your gut. What value is somebody offering in your life? Is the relationship serving you or them? Do you feel important, loved, respected and nurtured? Does the connection feed your soul? We learnt to guard our time in professional life but its high time we start guarding our personal time and space. Guard your emotions and mental state because that will determine how productive and successful you will be in life.

Some of the hidden meanings of the phrase ‘I love you’:

1.      I love myself and you are serving me

2.     I want my physical needs satisfied

3. I   have the need to overpower someone and you satisfy that need

4.     I want to boost my ego

5.     I want to fill the void inside me

6.    You are beautiful on the exterior so  I am attracted to you

7. I  need a temporary source of entertainment

8.     I’m craving for something new

9.    You  are a soft target and easy for me

10. You don’t make me work to get you, you are easy

11.  I am busy hence it is easy for me to settle for you since you are available and it saves me the hassle to find someone else

12.  You are submissive to me

13.  You are my punching bag

Living in the moment is a very famous concept but remember every moment that you give a wrong person is forming the foundation of attachment with a wrong person. Who defines what is right and wrong for you? – You. By a wrong person I don’t mean the other person is a bad person, the issue here is we live in a world full of people with very low awareness of themselves as a result they inflict pain upon others.

If you find yourself addicted to someone then know that’s wrong for you. Do you feel insecure and fluctuating between pain and joy? – Please leave. We are taught to give in love but if you aren’t receiving any then leave. True Love is all about support and growth & caring and sharing feelings. With the right person, life will be easy, seamless and at times boring. Never mind if you made a wrong decision don’t suffer your decisions. You deserve to be happy, so leave. We all make mistakes but rise above it today and make a new beginning.

Remember that true love does not involve any drama or intense pain; that’s a myth glamorized by movies and novels. We forget that movies and novels are mostly a source of escaping the reality but we begin living it and inviting the wrong people in our lives. Wake up and acknowledge the right people in your lives and learn to appreciate them instead of chasing the illusive ‘love’. There are 2 types of love; one illusive, hence glamorous and other real, hence mundane. Remember glamour will keep you busy handling nervous emotions whereas mundane will release you to realize your potential and growth. Which one do you want to live and experience? Make that choice today!

Signing off with Lots of Love,

Rashhmi Yadav

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