The world is opening up and trying to come out of the pandemic. While my heart goes out to the ones who have lost so much, we have to agree that life will not be the same even for the ones who did not suffer any tangible loss. 

Here is an opportunity for us to realign and make a new beginning. 

Have you ever thought, what would you like to carry over & what would you like to leave behind as you start afresh? 

A glimpse of my realignment story:

“So, what makes you happy?” asked my therapist as I sat across her yesterday.

“Oh, I love writing. I love looking for positive & inspirational stories of people which can give hope to others” I responded. She asked “Why do you look for others’ stories, why don’t you think of your story as inspiring. Why don’t you write your story?” Suddenly I paused for a moment and didn’t know what to say to that. She clearly got me thinking and wondering why I wouldn’t write my own story.

“I am not comfortable writing my own story on my website, it would mean I am giving too much importance to myself” I said. She asserted “You are the most important person of your life.” And continued “You have created your life & your own world with your perspective & understanding. So, if not your story then who else’s?” I kept gazing at her trying to comprehend her point.

I remember telling my story a few years ago at a company called Jumia on International Women’s Day in Nairobi. As I addressed the women working there I did feel that my story was an empowering one but to tell it outside those closed doors made me cringe. After having worked on myself I realize that it is the fear of judgments that had kept me from giving utmost importance to myself.

I am a work in progress, nonetheless, much more liberated than my younger self and hence today I couldn’t agree more that it is worth sharing my story. Yes, I am indeed the most important person of my life!

Who is the most important person in your life?

In case it isn’t you, then what do you do to keep them happy?

Would you do the same for yourself? If not, why?

What would change in your life when you become the most important person of your life?

Think of yourself as the hero/heroine of your life story. What would you do differently when you are the main character of your story?

With that thought, I wish you a good weekend!


Remember; you are unique & special because the creator chose to create you 🙂


Much Love,


Rashhmi Yadav

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